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Treated poles

One of CFC’s core competencies has been supplying a quality treated poles, prompt deliveries and great service, all at a competitive price. We produce Transmission poles as well as poles for all types of fence and building requirements. All our poles are pressure treated with Creosote or Copper Chromium Arsenic (CCA) and are ZABS certified.
Our CCA treated poles are odorless and have a characteristic light green color. Our Creosote treated poles generally have an odor that fades with time and have a characteristic coal black color. All our poles are issued with an anti-split plate commonly known as a gang nail.
Our pressure treatment process has over the years undergone various quality control upgrades and ensures the service life desired for these products. CCA and Creosote have approved chemicals that greatly reduce the rate of decay, fungal attack and deter various borers such as termites.
Owing to environmental sustainability, CFC now offers an indoor eco-friendly alternative to the above chemicals, in line with various global environmental challenges as well as applications in which close human contact is expected. Our new treated pole product ensures no toxicity to any lifeform and has the lowest overall environmental risk.